Fractional integral inequalities and error estimates of generalized mean differences

Muhammad Samraiz, Muhammad Tanveer Ghaffar, Saima Naheed, Miguel Vivas-Cortez

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In this research, we focus on a novel class of mean inequalities involving Riemann-Liouville fractional integrals. We employ these integrals to investigate various fundamental identities that help us to explore mean inequalities. By utilizing a generalized concept of convexity, we establish a unique set of these problems. To ensure the accuracy of our findings, we generate 2D and 3D graphs accompanied by corresponding numerical data using specific functions, effectively illustrating the inequalities. Furthermore, it is easy to observe that some known results from previous studies manifest as special cases of our primary outcomes. This approach enables us to substantiate the validity of our findings and strengthen our conclusions. The connection of the main finding with the context of statistics and mathematics is provided, playing a significant role in addressing real-life problems.

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PublicaciónAlexandria Engineering Journal
EstadoPublicada - 26 mar. 2024

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