Visualizing fractional inequalities through 2D and 3D graphs with applications

Muhammad Samraiz, Muhammad Tanveer Ghaffar, Saima Naheed, Gauhar Rahman, Miguel Vivas-Cortez, Samia Ben Ahmed

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In this paper, we establish a novel identity by leveraging fractional integral operators of Riemann-type. Subsequently, we employ this identity to investigate Bullen's fractional integral inequalities within the framework of classical convex functions. The validity of these innovative inequalities is verified through the visualization of 2D and 3D graphs. Furthermore, we obtain certain well-known results as special cases to our main findings and express them as remarks. Lastly, we derive differences in mean estimates, which serve as valuable tools for representing complex information, facilitating decision-making and aiding analysis in various fields.

Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo102649
PublicaciónAin Shams Engineering Journal
EstadoPublicada - may. 2024

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