Test Method for Studying the Shrinkage Effect under Controlled Environmental Conditions for Concrete Reinforced with Coconut Fibres

Mary Amaguaña, Leidy Guamán, Nicolay Bernardo Yanchapanta Gómez, Majid Khorami, María Calvo, Jorge Albuja-Sánchez

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This study proposes a novel test method and corresponding procedure to evaluate how coconut fibres affect crack propagation rates resulting from plastic shrinkage during the accelerated drying of concrete slabs. The experiment employed concrete plate specimens, which were used to simulate slab structural elements with a surface dimension notably greater than their thickness. These slabs were reinforced with coconut fibre with 0.5%, 0.75%, and 1% fibre content. A wind tunnel was designed to simulate two significant climate parameters (wind speed and air temperature), which could impact the cracking behaviour of surface elements. The proposed wind tunnel allowed air temperature to be controlled alongside wind speed while monitoring moisture loss and the cracking propagation process. During testing, a photographic recording method was used to evaluate cracking behaviour, with the total crack length serving as a parameter to assess the impact of fibre content on the crack propagation of slab surfaces. Additionally, crack depth was measured using ultrasound equipment. The results indicate that the proposed test method was appropriate for future research, allowing for the evaluation of the effect of natural fibres on the plastic shrinkage behaviour of surface elements under controlled environmental conditions. Based on initial studies and the results obtained through the proposed test method, concrete containing 0.75% fibre content exhibited significantly reduced crack propagation on slab surfaces, as well as a reduction in the crack depth caused by plastic shrinkage during the early age of the concrete.

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EstadoPublicada - abr. 2023

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