Saturnispora quitensis sp. nov., a yeast species isolated from the Maquipucuna cloud forest reserve in Ecuador

Stephen A. James, Geneviéve M. Cadet, Enrique Javier Carvajal Barriga, Patricia Portero Barahona, Kathryn Cross, Christopher J. Bond, Ian N. Roberts

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A single strain, CLQCA-10-114 T, representing a novel yeast species belonging to the genus Saturnispora was isolated from the fruit of an unidentified species of bramble (Rubus sp.), collected from the Maquipucuna cloud forest reserve, near Quito, in Ecuador. Sequence analyses of the D1/D2 domains of the large-subunit rRNA gene and ribosomal internal transcribed spacer region indicated that the novel species is most closely related to the recently described species Saturnispora gosingensis, isolated from the fruiting body of a mushroom collected in Taiwan, and Saturnispora hagleri, a Drosophila-associated yeast found in Brazil. The name Saturnispora quitensis sp. nov. is proposed to accommodate this strain; the type strain is CLQCA-10-114 T (5CBS 12184 T=NCYC 3744 T).

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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2011

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