Rol investigador en la identidad del profesorado de Educación física y Psicología educativa: estudio comparativo

Tahimi Achilie-Valencia, Arturo Rodriguez-Zambrano, Jhonny Villafuerte-Holguín

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The study of teachers' identity is a relevant issue linked to changes in public policy and physical and emotional health. This work aims to compare the changes in the identity of the teaching staff who assumed the investigative role in the fields of knowledge of Physical Education and Educational Psychology. From the socio-critical paradigm. It used the mixed research approach. The participants are thirty-five (35) professors affiliated with public and private universities in Esmeralda and Manabí in Ecuador. The Construction of the Teaching Identity of Health Professionals questionnaire proposed by Jara and Mayor-Ruiz (2018) was adjusted and applied. It administrated a Likert-type questionnaire, 12 in-depth interviews, and five focus groups (7 people per focus group) during the 2019-2020 period. Among the results, the analysis of the participants' voices is presented, which shows changes in the motivations for teaching and participation in scientific research processes at the local and regional levels. The statistical analysis determined the participants' situation regarding the dimensions: Investigative training, the reflection of the educational process, professional performance, and affective elements of identity. It concluded that all participants had strengthened the teaching role regardless of their field of knowledge.

Título traducido de la contribuciónInvestigative role in the identity of teachers of Physical Education and Educational Psychology: Comparative study
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EstadoPublicada - 2021

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