Repeatability of the human eye compared to an intraoral scanner in dental shade matching

Juan Reyes, Pamela Acosta, Dalina Ventura

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Objective: The purpose of this investigation was to compare the repeatability of an intraoral scanner (3Shape TRIOS) with the traditional visual method for dental shade matching in patients and to assess the influence of ambient lighting and the observer's sex and experience on visual shade matching. An additional aim was to determine the color dimension for which repeatability is greater with both the visual method and intraoral scanner. Methods: Thirty observers (15 men and 15 women), grouped by professional experience, selected the shade of the right maxillary central incisor in 10 patients on three different occasions under different ambient lighting conditions (twice under studio clinic lighting and once under natural light). The same procedure was repeated using an intraoral scanner. All shades were selected based on the VITA Toothguide 3D-MASTER. The repeatability of each observer and the intraoral scanner were recorded for each color dimension (hue, chroma, and value). Results: The TRIOS intraoral scanner obtained a mean repeatability of 86.66% in dental shade matching compared to 75.22% achieved by the visual method. Ambient lighting had a direct effect on the repeatability of the shade selection for the visual method, whereas the observer's sex and clinical experience did not. For the visual method, the repeatability in dental shade matching depended on the dimension studied, with the best results in value, followed by hue and chroma; however, such dependence was not detected for the intraoral scanner. Conclusions: The TRIOS intraoral scanner ensured better repeatability than the visual method in dental shade matching.

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