Relación entre la salud mental y la personalidad en personas privadas de la libertad

Ana del Rocío Martínez Yacelga, Varna Hernández-Junco, Katherin Vanessa Paredes Miranda, Marjorie Lizbeth Pallo Ávila

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The mental health of persons deprived of liberty becomes vulnerable in the face of unfavourable conditions in the prison environment, which can affect the psychic dynamics of the subject in the cognitive, affective or relational spheres and have repercussions on the structuring of their personality, with the risk of developing alterations of a pathological nature. The purpose of the study is to determine the relationship between mental health and the personality of the inmates of the Tungurahua 1 Prison, Ecuador. A quantitative, non-experimental, cross-sectional, descriptive, comparative and correlational research was carried out with 82 participants from the educational area. Using the Positive Mental Health Scale and the Clinical Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI), the clinical entities that prevail are: paranoia, suicidal ideation, antisocial characteristics, problems with alcohol, stress, anxiety and depression. High and moderate correlations are observed between the mental health factor self-control and the clinical entities of schizophrenia, aggression, and anxiety related disorders - phobias, hypervigilance paranoia, persecution, physical aggression, while the factor interpersonal relationship skills is associated with most of the clinical subscales. It is concluded that self-control and interpersonal relationship skills correlate with personality, especially with aggression.

Título traducido de la contribuciónRelationship between mental health and personality in persons deprived of their Liberty
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PublicaciónRevista Criminalidad
EstadoPublicada - may. 2023

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  • Mental health
  • Scientific and Cultural Organisation - UNESCO)
  • behaviour
  • criminal sanction (source: Thesaurus of the United Nations Educational
  • personality disorders
  • persons deprived of their libert


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