Rediscovery of Rubus pendulus Rusby (Rosaceae) and a new record for the flora of Ecuador and Peru

David A. Espinel-Ortiz, Carla J. Rodríguez, Katya Romoleroux

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We report the rediscovery of Rubus pendulus Rusby, “Mora India”, described in 1933 from Colombia and not mentioned again until the present study. We also update its distribution with eight new localities in Colombia, seven in Ecuador and one in Peru, being a new record for the flora of the latter two countries. This is the first time that R. pendulus’ stipules and flowers are found and detailed through a botanical description, illustrations and photographs. Rubus pendulus is morphologically differentiated from R. bogotensis Benth., R. mollifrons Focke, R. porphyromallos Focke and R. urticifolius Poir., with whom it was previously confused and we give a brief explanation on the type specimen status of R. mollifrons and R. porphyromallos.

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EstadoPublicada - 2 jun. 2023

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