Preparation of human resources for future nuclear energy using FBNR as the instrument of learning

F. Sefidvash, P. Espinoza, V. H. Guerrero, M. Luna, E. Ayala, R. Santos, D. X. Hiep, H. V. Thong, D. T.N. Minh, S. Sahin, F. T. Van Der Laan, C. L. De Oliveira, O. K. Bouhelal, M. Kanoute

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An increasing number of developing countries are showing interest to become the emerging countries to nuclear energy. Most of these countries lack human resources and adequate infrastructures to enter such a venture. The principle objective of activities of FBNR Group is to train human resources for the countries that at the present lack the necessary conditions, but aim at the future clean and safe nuclear energy through the fourth generation and INPRO compatible nuclear reactors. The preparation for the future nuclear energy is done through development of innovative nuclear reactor that meets the IN-PRO philosophies and criteria. These countries may or may not have decided as yet to utilize nuclear energy, but are interested to gain a strong educational foundation for their future. The research and development of a small innovative nuclear reactor FBNR is used as the instrument for learning. The young scientists will learn how to be innovative with the vision of INPRO philosophy and criteria.

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EstadoPublicada - nov. 2015
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