Postdrama communication in spanish language: Ecuador and spain. origins and current scene. the indigenous postdrama. (la flor de la chukirawa, by patricio vallejo aristizábal, and gólgota picnic, by rodrigo garcía)

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Post-theater communication in Spain and Ecuador in our present day, common notes and also dissimilarities of identity character. Methodology: From the dramatic paradigm and the patterns of post-drama, we will analyze La flor de la Chukirawa, by Patricio Vallejo Aristizábal, and Gólgota Picnic, by Rodrigo García. Discussion: We will delve into the dramatic and post-dramatic communication of both cultures and their respective identities, especially indigenous. We will also touch on the very origins of theatre in the Spanish language, the Auto de los Reyes Magos, which is different from the Greek one. Results: We will dissect the sense and the juxtaposition (parataxis, chaos) of both theatrical manifestations. Conclusions: The similarities and differences of both works and their organizational (and juxtapositional) notes, order and chaos are established, besides entering into the Andean identity of La Flor de la Chukirawa and the connection of both texts with the medieval scene.

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