New Correlations for the Determination of Undrained Shear, Elastic Modulus, and Bulk Density Based on Dilatometer Tests (DMT) for Organic Soils in the South of Quito, Ecuador

Jorge Mayanquer, Mariela Anaguano-Marcillo, Nicolás Játiva, Jorge Albuja-Sánchez

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The Marchetti Dilatometer test is a non-destructive in situ test that can be used to determine the geotechnical properties of soils. This paper presents the results of a study that investigated the correlations between the parameters obtained from the Marchetti Dilatometer test and geomechanical parameters for soft soils, mainly organic soils, obtained in the laboratory. The study was conducted in the El Garrochal sector in Southern Quito, Ecuador. The results of the study showed that there are significant correlations between the Marchetti Dilatometer test and the undrained shear strength, modulus of elasticity, and density of soil. The equations that were developed in this study can be used to estimate these geomechanical parameters from the results of the Marchetti Dilatometer test for the South Quito sector, which are valuable for geotechnical engineers to design structures in these types of soils. The equations that were developed in this study can be used to improve the accuracy of the design of these structures.

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Número de artículo8570
PublicaciónApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
EstadoPublicada - ago. 2023

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