Natural gums to improve the physicochemical stability of cake creams

Oscar López-Balladares, Patricio J. Espinoza-Montero, Ramiro Acosta-Sandoval

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The physicochemical properties of pastry and confectionery products greatly influence the aesthetic design of a cake topping, since they can be susceptible to physicochemical changes in a very short time, so maintaining a good appearance and texture of the topping becomes a challenge. Generally, cake creams deteriorate over time. The evaluation of the physicochemical properties of natural gums (arabic gum, tara gum, carrageenan, and pectin) is proposed in this work as a way to improve the physicochemical stability of butter-based cake creams (coverage creams) to maintain the initial appearance of the cream and to lengthen the separation time of their phases. For this purpose, some parameters related to the physicochemical stability of the cream, such as viscosity, density, bubble size, syneresis, volume and rheological behavior were measured. The result of the ANOVA and Tukey’s tests displayed significant differences for the measured parameters, which shows that natural gums substantially improve the stability of butter cream. The best natural gum found was the tara gum (TG) which improved viscosity 5.6 times with respect to that of the cream without gums (η without gums = 15.49 Pa·s, η with TG = 87.09 Pa·s), while the bubble size remained small, 1.6 times smaller compared to that of the cream without gum (BS) without gums = 57 µm, (BS) with TG = 35 µm), and the volume loss decreased two times when compared to that of the cream without gums ((∆V) without gums = 1.57 cm3, (∆V) with TG = 0.80 cm3). The cream with TG showed better rheology compared to that of the cream without gums (the cream without gums exhibited a plastic and thixotropic behavior, with permanent elastic deformation, while cream with TG exhibited thixotropic behavior without permanent elastic deformation). Finally, it was found that the cream with TG acquired a higher thixotropic index (TI) compared to that of the cream without gums (TI max. without gums = 17.40 y 71.78 q.u., TI max. with TG = 74.67 and 1559.90 q.u., at 4C and 25C, respectively) which demonstrates the effective contribution of cream with TG in 66.67% of the measured parameters.

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EstadoPublicada - oct. 2021

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