LAS ALFARERAS REBELDES: UNA MIRADA DESDE LA ARQUEOLOGÍA ECUATORIANA A LAS RELACIONES DE GÉNERO, LA OPRESIÓN FEMENINA Y EL PATRIARCADO: Una mirada desde la arqueología ecuatoriana a las relaciones de género, la opresión femenina y el patriarcado

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Objective/context: In the light of Engels’ proposal on the origin and consolidation of patriarchy, this article proposes a re-reading of some iconographic elements of the period of Regional Development of the coast of Ecuador. The anthropomorphic figurines of the Tolita/Tumaco, Bahia, and Jama Coaque cultures, famous for their aesthetic value, present evidence of asymmetrical gender relations that have so far not been observed or thematized in literature. Methodology: The article is based on the iconographic analysis that the author has been conducting for over a decade. The iconography is contrasted with Engels’ theory from a feminist approach. It includes a reflection on different historical and contemporary episodes that reveal a patriarchal and machista system prevailing in Ecuador, about which the author also presents an introspective vision from her own experience as an academic. Conclusions: The early iconography of the Ecuadorian coast shows a substantial change between the Formative and Regional Development periods. The increase in social stratification and the accumulation of wealth probably led to the establishment of a patriarchal ideology, justified through iconography as a means of mass transmission of messages. Originality: This article provides in-depth coverage, for the first time, of the discussion on inequality in gender relations in pre-Hispanic Ecuador and material evidence of an ideological discourse tending to naturalize such inequality, through an ideal of subordination of female characters to male ones.

Título traducido de la contribuciónThe rebel potters: A vision of gender relations, female oppression, and patriarchy based within ecuadorian archaeology
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