La teoría fundamentada como herramienta metodológica para el estudio de la gestión pública local

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The main objective of this article is to show succinctly the importance of methodological configuration in addressing studies directly related to the issue of local governance (LG), which seeks to highlight the importance of uncovering the academic ability that the locality has about learning from itself, recommending to establish a structure that is able to disclose relevant and quality elements through primary sources, formed in the spaces in which we study, as well as its social actors; it is considered the use of grounded theory (GT) in the study of the LG as a suitable methodological tool for analysis of empirical information collected, allowing data to make it useful in the construction of theories and thus the pursuit of an epistemic identity through grounded theory; as conclusion, it is allowed to warn of the importance of strengthening local governance through the design of an autonomous public policy of development and construction of citizenship.

Título traducido de la contribuciónGrounded theory as a methodological tool for the study of local governance
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  • Grounded theory
  • Local governance
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