Importance of nano & micro materials for environment and human health

Marbel Torres Arias, Fernanda Pilaquinga, Alexis Debut, Rachid Seqqat

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Nanoscience and nanotechnology bring together all scientific and technological activities at the nanoscale. Specifically, nanotechnology attracts attention because at nanosize, object behaviors are jostled, and new properties appear that allow creating more efficient materials. The development of synthesis techniques now facilitates fast production on a large scale. The produced nanomaterials are characterized by a very high surface area to volume ratio, which makes the surface properties and, therefore the interaction with the surrounding environment very unique. Nowadays, these objects occupy an increasingly larger place in our society, with various applications not only in advanced industries with materials for electronics, catalysis or energy but also in our daily life with cosmetology and food. However, the nanoscale provides materials an increased surface reactivity and the release of them in the environment is therefore worrying because changes in properties could lead to toxicity for human health.

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PublicaciónNanoscience and Nanotechnology - Asia
EstadoPublicada - 19 sep. 2021

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