I love hate! The Racist hate Speech in Social Media


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It is undeniable that, nowadays, hate speeches have flourished, they have become every day, banal and available to everyone. The interaction allowed by the use of devices, the potential of ICT and Social Media, formed a new participatory culture and contributed to rethinking social dynamics. The supposed illusion of anonymity and the rapid dissemination of narratives and images opened space for the proliferation of p hateful discourses against minority groups, such as those of a racist nature. This research intends to study, from the Digital Social Networks (DSN), the communicational flows of racist hate speeches in Portugal. Specifically, we propose to diagnose racist hate speech in the DSN; understand and characterize the narratives that support the spread of racist hate speech in DSN; and analyze which content and hate narratives generate more engagement in DSN; In this study, a mixed convergent methodology will be adopted. The quantitative approach will combine the use of digital methods with the analysis of social networks and graph theories. There will be 2 panels of 2 social networks (Facebook and Instagram), totaling 24 months of data collection. The qualitative approach will resort to the content analysis of the comments. In terms of results, we intend to strengthen scientific production in the area and develop a barometer on racist hate speech in Portugal.
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