Hannah Arendt y Jean-Luc Marion. El acontecimiento y los márgenes de la metafísica

Julián García Labrador, Stéphane Vinolo

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The notion of "event" is often used, in contemporary philosophy, as a way to overcome the end of metaphysics since it challenges both the metaphysical conditions of appearing and knowing. Thanks to a comparative analysis of the works of Hannah Arendt and Jean-Luc Marion, the authors show that even though the event appears as a questioning of the modern concept of history in the texts of the former, and as a modality of saturated phenomena in the Marion's phenomenology of givenness, its use allows us to re-evaluate the relationship of both philosophers with metaphysics. After pointing out a fundamental difference of the conception of the event in Arendt and Marion, it is then possible to reveal their position regarding the possibility of thinking after the end of metaphysics.

Título traducido de la contribuciónHannah Arendt and Jean-Luc Marion. The event and the margins of metaphysics
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EstadoPublicada - 29 jun. 2019

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