Growing Si nanocrystals within a-Si nanoclusters embedded in a-SiO 2: Evolution of photoluminescence

L. J. Borrero-González, L. A.O. Nunes, F. E.G. Guimarães, J. Wojcik, P. Mascher, A. M. Gennaro, M. Tirado, D. Comedi

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We combine X-ray absorption, electron spin resonance and Raman spectroscopies, X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence (PL) techniques to determine the structure and luminescence mechanisms in Si nanoclusters (Si-ncls) embedded within Si oxides at various intermediate formation stages. The Si-ncls/oxide systems are fabricated by thermally annealing plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited Si-rich Si-oxide films. The structural and chemical orders in the amorphous oxide matrix, the Si-ncls amorphous and crystalline volume fractions and sizes, the dangling bond density and PL spectra and decay rates are followed closely as a function of the annealing temperature. The results can be interpreted by a crystalline core/amorphous shell model for the Si-ncls. The important role of the shell, often ignored in the literature, is discussed. As the Si-ncls crystalline cores grow at the expense of thinning amorphous shells, the PL undergoes a transition from a regime dominated by disorder-induced effects to a situation where quantum confinement prevails.

Idioma originalInglés
Título de la publicación alojadaNanoscale Luminescent Materials 2
EditorialElectrochemical Society Inc.
Número de páginas9
ISBN (versión digital)9781607683155
ISBN (versión impresa)9781566779579
EstadoPublicada - 2012
Publicado de forma externa
Evento2nd International Symposium on Nanoscale Luminescent Materials - 221st ECS Meeting - Seattle, WA, Estados Unidos
Duración: 6 may. 201210 may. 2012

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NombreECS Transactions
ISSN (versión impresa)1938-5862
ISSN (versión digital)1938-6737


Conferencia2nd International Symposium on Nanoscale Luminescent Materials - 221st ECS Meeting
País/TerritorioEstados Unidos
CiudadSeattle, WA

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