Frecuencia del antígeno y aloanticuerpos del sistema Diego en donantes de sangre

Fernando B. Góngora, Rosa F. Chiriboga-Ponce

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Introduction: The Diego blood group is an irregular blood system which has been involved in cases of hemolytic disease of the newborn and post transfusion reactions, in this system have been identified 22 erythrocyte antigens, among which the pair Dia/ Dibis the most important because those have the most immunogenic potential. Objective: This research aims to determine the frequency of antigen Diaand their respective alloantibody in the Ecuadorian population. Methods: It was performed a simple random sampling in the donor population, being later tested tube agglutination by the presence or absence of the antigen and its alloantibody Diaapplying gel agglutination technique. Results: It was observed an antigen prevalence of 25% against a 6.09% of percentage alloimmunization due to Diaantigen, without significant differences between men and women and these being independent of the age and origin of the donor, showing that there are some Diego positive cases in Ecuadorian population as probably cases of transfusional alloinmunization or due to fetal-maternal alloinmunization. Conclusions and Recommendations: The frequency distribution of antigens and alloantibodies from the Diego blood group is almost uniform in the population, due presumably to the high incidence of miscegenation in our country. Therefore it becomes vitally important the implementation of this blood system inside the protocols of irregular antibodies identification in Ecuadorian blood banks.

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