Fluoxetine-induced tremor: Clinical features in 21 patients

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We report a cohort of 21 patients (12 females and nine males), with a mean age of 42.4 years, who developed tremor after receiving fluoxetine at a mean dose of 25.7 mg per day. The mean latency period for tremor appearance was 54.3 days. Severity was found to be mild. In all patients, tremor was postural, with P<0.0005, compared to patients with rest tremor and P<0.05 compared to action/intention-tremor patients. The frequency range was 6-12Hz/s. After fluoxetine was discontinued, tremor disappeared in 10 patients after a mean latency period of 35.5 days. In the remaining 11 patients, tremor persisted up to the end of the observation period (a mean of 449 days). We believe that this tremor phenomenon is due to the involvement of the red nucleus and the inferior olivary nucleus through their projections to the thalamus and the spinal cord.

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