Extreme colour variation in the larvae of the executioner clownfrog, Dendropsophus carnifex (Anura: Hylidae), living in nearby ponds of different light exposure and duration

Pol Pintanel, Sofia Salinas-Ivanenko, Luis Miguel Gutiérrez-Pesquera, Freddy Almeida-Reinoso, Andrés Merino-Viteri, Miguel Tejedo

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Here, we describe the extreme plasticity in colour variation in the tadpole of the executioner clownfrog, Dendropsophus carnifex (Anura: Hylidae), found across nearby ponds in Mindo (Ecuador). Tadpole coloration was compared between individuals from four distinct ponds revealing two explicit colour schemes, a pale phenotype which is commonly described for this species and a bright phenotype which, to our knowledge, has not been described before. In addition, the bright phenotype revealed reversibility to the pale phenotype in laboratory conditions. We discuss the functionality and driving factors for these contrasting colour phenotypes including the potential role of distinct ecological conditions. Abstract in Spanish is available with online material.

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PublicaciónAustral Ecology
EstadoPublicada - 1 nov. 2019

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