Evaluation of a gold-nanoparticle-modified carbon-fiber microelectrode to quantify mercury in canned tuna sold in Ecuador

Milena Vásquez-Velarde, Lenys Fernández, Diego Bolaños-Méndez, Harold Burbano-Erazo, Jocelyne Alvarez-Paguay, Patricio Carrera, Patricio J. Espinoza-Montero

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Seafood consumption is the primary exposure route for trace metals like mercury. Accordingly, canned tuna meat has been focused on by researchers because of the potential bioaccumulation of high amounts of mercury. This study aimed to test a novel and reliable electroanalytical method employing a working electrode consisting of gold-nanoparticle-modified carbon microfibers to quantify total mercury in canned tuna samples. Determination was achieved via differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry. The proposed method had a limit of detection of 3.9781 ± 0.0001 μg L−1 and a limit of quantification of 33.6634 ± 0.0001 μg L−1, with a sensitivity of 0.3275 nA μg L−1. The modified electrode was evaluated in samples taken from three canned tuna brands sold in the Sangolquí parish in Rumiñahui, Ecuador. These brands, coded A, B, and C, represent 47.92%, 27.08%, and 11.98% of all canned tuna sold in the Ecuadorian market, respectively. The resulting respective total mercury concentrations were 0.5999 ± 0.0001 mg kg−1; 0.9387 ± 0.0001 mg kg−1; and 0.3442 ± 0.0001 mg kg−1 for A, B, and C. Method accuracy was determined through the recovery percentages of ≥98%, which indicated acceptable accuracy for the final optimized method. Mean mercury concentrations for all samples did not represent a carcinogenic risk for consumers. However, the values obtained for potential no-carcinogenic risk and daily consumption rate suggest that consumers of tuna canned in water, particularly brand C, may be at risk.

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