El sujeto amoroso en sartre: Un puente entre la metafísica y la postmetafísica

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There is a disturbing paradox regarding the subject in Sartre. On the one hand, the subject is still anchored into the metaphysical roots of the Cartesian subject, on the other hand, the subject is now opened to the other through the violence of his look. It is in the experience of love that this paradox emerges in the strongest way. While love opens the subject to the possibility of an encounter with the other, it is still thought from the point of view of the loving subject. Love is nothing more than a way, for the subject, to recover his foundation that lies in the eye of the other. Thus, even in love, the subject cannot completely abandon the problematic of its foundation and the metaphysical obsession of being its own cause. We find then in Sartre a true bridge between the metaphysical moment of the subject and its postmetaphysical one. It is shown here that Sartre cannot totally tear himself away from the metaphysical conception of the subject because he appears to be unable to think the structure of the call, and remain prisoner of the dichotomy between activity and passivity.

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