Disturbance and Resilience in Tropical American Palm Populations and Communities

Rommel Montúfar, Fabien Anthelme, Jean Christophe Pintaud, Henrik Balslev

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We review resilience to natural and anthropogenic disturbance of palm populations and communities in tropical America. Response of palms to disturbance depends on their morphological traits, their reproductive strategies and the impacts of these traits and strategies on phenology and gene flow. Human impact induces changes in genetic structure, increasing endogamy and genetic drift in fragmented populations. Forest fragmentation and harvest of palm organs are well documented whereas effects of intermediate disturbance like selective logging, hunting or fire remain poorly known. We recommend emphasis on long-term experiments and on the use of mechanistic approaches in future research to facilitate integration of available data into a theoretical ecological framework.

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PublicaciónBotanical Review
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2011

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