Determination of the Young´s Modulus Like Mechanical Property of Concrete Materials from the Holcim Mine Located in Pifo of Pichincha Province

Wilson Cando, Mauricio Cely, Estuardo Páez, Doménica Londoño, Wilson Terán

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Due to the seismicity of the country and especially to the geology of the province of Pichincha, it was considered important to obtain this equation in order to improve the structural design of future constructions since we do not have our own parameters to determine the mechanical properties of concrete. Based on previous investigations of the modulus of elasticity carried out in the country, it was identified that the current formula does not reflect the reality of the existing conditions since the derivation of this equation was determined in the USA whose characteristics of the materials are totally different from those of Ecuador. Therefore, it was considered convenient to carry out a complete study of the properties of the aggregates to obtain the equation of the modulus of elasticity of concrete that represents the attributes of the province of Pichincha.

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