Der Gemeinsame europäische Referenzrahmen und Ecuador - vielfältige Standards oder Standards vervielfältigen?

Hendrikje Palm, Kathrin Schneider, Elvira Shamsutdinova

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This study examines the possible implementation of the Common European Framework of Reference in a non-European country under specific regional conditions. The example of a university German program in Quito, Ecuador, illustrates a possible adaptation process, which led to the elaboration of curricula for the A1-B2 levels with mandatory educational objectives (expectations) and matching assessment criteria. For particularly demanding text genres and discourse types we propose an appropriate methodological and didactic strategy rooted in refinements of Lev Vygotski's psychology of learning, which can complement the action-based methodology. Our experiences lead to a discussion of the productive use and reflexive treatment of the standards suggested by the Framework.

Título traducido de la contribuciónThe Common European Framework of Reference and Ecuador - diverse standards or reproduce standards?
Idioma originalAlemán
Páginas (desde-hasta)143-153
Número de páginas11
PublicaciónDeutsch als Fremdsprache
EstadoPublicada - 2018

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