Contributions to Ecuadorian butterworts (Lentibulariaceae, Pinguicula): two new species and a re-evaluation of Pinguicula calyptrata

Álvaro J. Pérez, Francisco Tobar, Kevin S. Burgess, Tilo Henning

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Comparatively few species of the insectivorous genus Pinguicula L. have been recognized in South America so far. In recent years, a number of narrowly endemic taxa from the Andes have been described that simultaneously refined the broad taxonomic concepts of the “historical” species. Here, we describe two striking new species from Southern Ecuador that further condense the circumscription of Pinguicula calyptrata Kunth. Pinguicula jimburensis sp. nov. and P. ombrophila sp. nov. are clearly beyond the taxonomic scope of the known species and consequently described as new to science. The deviating morphological features of the two new taxa are described and illustrated and the remaining morphological spectrum of P. calyptrata in Ecuador is outlined. The two new species add to the exceptional biodiversity in the Amotape-Huancabamba Zone and underline its importance as a biodiversity hotspot in urgent need of protection.

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EstadoPublicada - 2023

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