Cefalea tipo tensional cronica y depresion

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Introduction. Tension-type headache (TTH) is the commonest head pain to be seen in medical practice and is erroneously thought to have a psychogenic origin. Objective. To evaluate the presence of depression in a cohort of persons with TTH and compare them with patients with migraine and with a control group. The clinical characteristics of patients with TTH were also noted. Patients and methods. We studied 89 patients with chronic TTH. Their level of depression (on the Hamilton scale) was compared with 31 patients with migraine with typical aura and a control group of 34 asymptomatic volunteers, matched for age, marital and job status. Results. No difference was observed in the index of depression of the group of patients with chronic TTH as compared with the control group with migraine: p< 0.9412 and OR 1.07. Compared with the asymptomatic control group: p< 0.0272 and OR 3.81, which are significant figures. After 11 months of prophylactic treatment with imipramine (50 mg/day), levels of depression persisted in 20.02% of the patients, p<0.06319 and OR 2.01 even when treatment was optimum in 98.8%. Conclusions. Patients with chronic TTH showed indices of depression in 33.7%. This figure was similar in those with migraine, 32.2%. Also response to treatment was independent of this figure. In 48% of the patients there was fear of having cerebral vascular disease.

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  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Migraine with typical aura
  • Psychogenic headache
  • Tension-type headache


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