Carcinoma de tiroides en pediatría: seguimiento a 30 años.

F. Cáceres, M. Vancells, O. Cruz, P. Casano, A. Laguna, N. Pérez, A. Montaner, J. Lerena, L. Morales, J. M. Ribó

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The thyroid tumours are infrequent neoplasms of presentation in paediatric. The object of this study was to value therapeutic evolution and the survival throughout 30 years. 28 cases with diagnosis of thyroid carcinoma. Were reviewed from 1978 to 2008. Were the variables to study: epidemiologists, methods used diagnostic, type of histology, later treatment and survival to 300 months to the treatment. We like considered significant p <0.05. 73.1% of the cases were of feminine sex. The average age was 12.3 years (1.6 to 19). The ultrasound was asked for the test more (78.5%). The RET mutation associated appear in three cases to MEN. The histology type to papillary was most frequent (50%). The total thyroidectomy (TT) was the surgery practice more (67.9%). The radioiodine (RI) was used in 46.4% of the cases. The substitute hormonal therapy was used 27 patients. 89.29% of the were series after 300 months free of disease. The treatment of the series these are hundreds throughout 30 years, but when valuing our experience we include / understand that: 1) the TT with selective lymphatic dissection, 2) it in the RI cases with positive to the body tracking and/or of factors of risk and 3) the substitute hormonal therapy, is the at the moment best offer alternatives to than we can these paediatric patients and prolong the survival in adult its age.

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