Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Digital Transformation Processes

Nelson Salgado-Reyes, Damián Nicolalde-Rodriguez, Jaime Meza, Mónica Vaca-Cardenas

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation are two closely related concepts that are changing the way businesses and organizations operate and compete in today's marketplace. AI, which refers to the ability of machines to perform tasks that require human intelligence, is being increasingly used in digital transformation, which refers to the process of adapting organizations to new digital technologies to improve their efficiency and profitability. Thus, AI in digital transformation presents numerous opportunities for companies, including improvements in operational efficiency, process optimization, product and service customization, and more informed decision-making. Though, it also poses significant challenges, such as the need to reorganize and redesign business processes to take full advantage of AI capabilities, and the need to ensure data privacy and security. The systematic review of the current literature suggests that the adoption of AI in digital transformation is increasing in different sectors and business areas, and that companies that manage to effectively integrate AI into their processes and operations are gaining significant competitive advantages. However, it also highlights the importance of addressing ethical and regulatory challenges associated with AI, and fostering education and skills development in the workforce to ensure an effective transition to an AI-driven digital economy.

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Título de la publicación alojadaDevelopments and Advances in Defense and Security - MICRADS 2023
EditoresAlvaro Rocha, José María Riola Rodríguez, Carlos Hernán Fajardo-Toro
EditorialSpringer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
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ISBN (versión impresa)9789819988938
EstadoPublicada - 2024
EventoMultidisciplinary International Conference of Research Applied to Defense and Security, MICRADS 2023 - Bogota, Colombia
Duración: 6 jul. 20238 jul. 2023

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NombreSmart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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ConferenciaMultidisciplinary International Conference of Research Applied to Defense and Security, MICRADS 2023

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