Analytical study of the dynamics in the double-chain model of DNA

Da Shi, Hamood Ur Rehman, Ifrah Iqbal, Miguel Vivas-Cortez, Muhammad Shoaib Saleem, Xiujun Zhang

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This paper explores the double-chain model of DNA known as deoxyribonucleic acid, which has a significant role in the preservation and conversion of genetic data in biological fields. The setup consists of two rods that represent polynucleotide chains found in the DNA and are interconnected by an elastic membrane, showing the hydrogen bonds existing between the base pairs of the chains. The extended hyperbolic function method (EHFM) is analyzed to extract the solutions, including singular, bright, periodic, and kink soliton. The 3D, 2D, and contour graphs provide information on longitudinal and transverse displacements within the DNA structure. The visual exploration of some results reveals the presence of solitary waves in the DNA strands, and these findings have the potential to evaluate various applications. This study represents a significant advancement in our understanding of DNA dynamics, and illustrates the fundamental nature of genetic information transmission and processing.

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PublicaciónResults in Physics
EstadoPublicada - sep. 2023

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