An Accessible Serious Game-Based Platform for Process Learning of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Marco Santórum, Mayra Carrión-Toro, David Morales-Martínez, Verónica Maldonado-Garcés, Elking Araujo, Patricia Acosta-Vargas

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This research presents the “LudoMinga” platform based on serious games designed to facilitate the learning process of people with intellectual disabilities. The platform is focused on providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment. Serious Games combines educational content with video game mechanics, and the platform aims to enhance the learning experience and promote active participation. Through an iterative development process, including user feedback and evaluations, the platform was developed using the iPlus methodology to align with the specific requirements of the target audience. Preliminary user test results indicate positive results in terms of user engagement, learning, and satisfaction. This accessible platform based on serious games promises to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities, ultimately fostering their personal and cognitive development. The success of the “LudoMinga” platform lies in the combination of interactive games, personalized support, and accessibility features, ultimately creating an engaging and effective learning environment. Continued advances in this area have the potential to unlock barriers for people with intellectual disabilities, fostering their growth, independence, and active participation in society.

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Número de artículo7748
PublicaciónApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
EstadoPublicada - jul. 2023

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