Abuse and other factors related to depression in older Ecuadorian adults

Brenda Lorena Pillajo Sánchez, Marcos Serrano-Dueñas, Diego Alexander Mendoza Panta, Juana Albertina Moncayo Vásquez

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Objective: To identify abuse and other risk factors associated with depression in older Ecuadorian adults using data from the 2012 Ecuador's Survey of Health, Welfare, and Aging (SABE). Methods: This cross-sectional study analyzed data from the 2012 SABE survey, which included 5235 adults aged 60 and above. The study evaluated residence, education level, ethnic self-identification, self-perceived health and memory, loneliness, cognitive status, and abuse. Depression was assessed using the Yesavage Depression Scale, short version (YDS-SV). Categorical variables were analyzed with the Chi-square test, differences between groups were calculated with the Kruskal–Wallis test, and multiple linear regression analysis was performed. A p-value of ≤0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: The mean age was 71.39 ± 8.59 years and 55.10% of the sample were women. Abuse was absent in 72.1% (3.773) of the population. The Chi-square test indicated significant associations between depression and poor self-reported health (P = 0.000) and indigenous ethnicity (P = 0.000). Multiple linear regression analysis revealed that age (P < 0.001), abuse (p < 0.001), cognitive status (P = 0.002), and living alone (P = 0.034) significantly contributed to mood as assessed by the YDS-SV. No statistically significant association was found for perceived health status or place of residence (urban or rural). Conclusions: Risk factors associated with depression in older Ecuadorian adults include advanced age, living alone, cognitive decline, poor self-perception of health and cognition, and abuse.

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PublicaciónAging Medicine
EstadoPublicada - jun. 2024

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