A novel investigation of dynamical behavior to describe nonlinear wave motion in (3+1)-dimensions

Miguel Vivas-Cortez, Nauman Raza, Syeda Sarwat Kazmi, Younes Chahlaoui, Ghada Ali Basendwah

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This study focuses on the extended (3+1)-dimensional Sakovich equation, which is utilized for the description of nonlinear wave motion and manifests increased dispersion and nonlinear effects within the realm of nonlinear dynamics. The Lie symmetries are initially identified, followed by the construction of the Abelian algebra corresponding to these symmetries. Through the utilization of this Abelian algebra, the governing equation is transformed into an ordinary differential equation. Precise solutions are obtained using the unified technique, and the results are visually represented through 3D, 2D, and contour plots. Subsequently, the qualitative behavior of the equation is explored from multiple perspectives, encompassing bifurcation, chaos, and sensitivity analysis. Bifurcation is examined at critical points, while the dynamical system is subjected to an external force, leading to the detection of chaotic behavior employing diverse tools such as 3D and 2D phase portraits, time series, Poincaré maps, and multistability analysis. Furthermore, sensitivity analysis is conducted for various initial values, revealing the considerable sensitivity of the presented model, wherein even slight changes in the initial conditions result in significant variations. The reported outcomes are intriguing, showcasing the efficacy and applicability of the suggested methodologies for the assessment of soliton solutions and phase patterns in a diverse range of nonlinear models.

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PublicaciónResults in Physics
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2023

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