A new species of Engystomops (Anura: Leiuperidae) from southwestern Ecuador

Santiago R. Ron, Eduardo Toral, Myrian Rivera, Andrea Terán-Valdez

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We describe Engystomops puyango sp. nov.from the lowlands of southwestern Ecuador. The new species is closely related to E. pustulatus from which it differs in skin texture, advertisement call, and karyotype features. The new species also differs from E. pustulatus at genes 12S and 16S of mitochondrial DNA (6.5%-6.8% of sequence divergence). A phylogeny based on mtDNA shows that E. sp. nov. is part of a clade of Engystomops distributed below 1300 m in western Ecuador and northwestern Peru. The new species occurs in Evergreen Lower Montane Forest and Foothill Semideciduous Costa Forest. The karyotype of the new species has 2n = 20 chromosomes which represents the first known reduction in chromosome number in Leiuperidae (2n = 22). Its advertisement calls as well as those of E. pustulatus have a facultative component that resembles the chuck in calls of E. pustulosus but that are less discrete and have lower acoustic complexity.

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