A new morphological cell parameter based on optical phase for the evaluation of cell populations

Jesús González-Lapea, Ana H. Márquez, José R. Darias, Karem Noris-Suárez

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In this work, we introduce an opto-geometric parameter for the morphologic characterization of cell populations during their early adhesion process. Using measurements for a cell population of the maximal optical phase for each cell and its substrate-contact-surface, we show, experimentally, that a relationship exists between these variables. This connection is primarily associated with morphological cell characteristics. It is also shown that using the relationship obtained above, we can derive a morphological parameter, which, for the cell populations studied, results in a monodisperse Gaussiansize distribution, which would allow for the use of regular statistical variables. This result is in total contrast with the polydisperse distribution obtained if only the contact surface area between cell and substrate is used. In addition, optical phase measurements where accomplished by phase shifted interferometry using a Mirau-type interference microscope. The cellular system studied consisted of Osteoblast-like cells, plated on 316VM medical-grade stainless steel polished surfaces. These cell populations were studied within the same culture conditions of cell type, plating time and substrate roughness conditions. The existence of a relationship between maximal optical phase and substrate contact area agrees entirely with the accepted spreading model for cell adhesion; in particular, considering the close link between the optical phase time change and cell thickness reduction.

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Título de la publicación alojadaInterferometry XIX
EditoresKatherine Creath, Jan Burke, Angela D. Davies, Michael B. North Morris, Katherine Creath
ISBN (versión digital)9781510620698
EstadoPublicada - 2018
EventoInterferometry XIX 2018 - San Diego, Estados Unidos
Duración: 21 ago. 201823 ago. 2018

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NombreProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
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ConferenciaInterferometry XIX 2018
País/TerritorioEstados Unidos
CiudadSan Diego

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