A libertia patinoi (Cuatrec.) Delprete & C.H.Perss. (Borojó): food safety, phytochemicals, and aphrodisiac potential

Nancy González-Jaramillo, Natalia Bailon-Moscoso, Rodrigo Duarte-Casar, Juan Carlos Romero-Benavides

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Although the western discovery of borojó [Alibertia patinoi Cuatrec. (Delprete & C.H.Perss.)] is as recent as 1948, its several traditional uses in gastronomy and medicine, and its fame as an aphrodisiac are long standing and strong: the “love juice” extracted from it is very appreciated in Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama. Its medicinal potential, though, is far wider. This literature review aims to summarize the knowledge about the fruit, its ethnomedical uses, its biological activity and phytochemical composition, to validate ethnomedical claims and to help envision future lines of research. Borojó extracts have confirmed antimicrobial and antioxidant, and potential anticancer activities, which can be at least partially explained by its phytochemical composition -compounds isolated and identified through Gas Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography and spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques- rich in phenolic compounds, some of which, for example oleuropein, chlorogenic acid and rutin, possess proven biological activity. There is potential for borojó products as a source of bioactive natural products, which have not been exhaustively identified despite phytochemical screenings that show the presence of unstudied compound families: terpenoids, alkaloids, steroids; and functional alimentary products. Although its aphrodisiac properties have not been confirmed, several compounds with confirmed aphrodisiac activity in other species, mainly flavonoids, are also found in borojó. These, coupled with its nutritional profile and perhaps compounds yet unidentified, could validate the claim. Graphical abstract: [Figure not available: see fulltext.]

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