Funcionamiento neuropsicológico en profesionales jóvenes que consumen alcohol como actividad de esparcimiento

Translated title of the contribution: Neuropsychological functioning in young professionals who use alcohol as a leisure activity

Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Pablo Serrano-Flores

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Nowadays it is common for young professionals, after their weekly working hours, to carry out recreational activities that involve the consumption of alcohol. In this sense, the article reports a study that analyzed the impact on the neuropsychological functioning of 30 young professionals who consume alcohol weekly (Mage = 29.07, SD = 5.50), when compared with 32 young professionals who do not consume alcohol (Mage = 29.56, SD = 5.96). Results suggest that adults in the group consuming alcohol have a lower performance in neuropsychological tests assessing cognitive flexibility (t = 2.10, p =. <.05), initiative (t = 2.15, p = <.05), fluency phonological (t = -2.09, p = <.05), reading (t = -2.14, p = <.05), similarities (t = -2.03, p = <.05), visual-spatial memory (t = - 2.14, p = <.05) and recognition (t = -2.48, p = <.01), when compared with the control group. The results suggest that weekly alcohol consumption generates a negative impact on the functioning of professional adults, which can have a counterproductive effect in the contexts where it is developed. The results are discussed around previous research and highlighting the need to identify the effect of alcohol consumption once a week, which would be seen as a leisure activity for young professional adults, not taking into account the negative impact on their cognitive performance.

Translated title of the contributionNeuropsychological functioning in young professionals who use alcohol as a leisure activity
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)137-151
Number of pages15
JournalRevista Brasileira de Neurologia e Psiquiatria
Issue number2
StatePublished - Aug 2020

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